Lifting the veil

  But there is no veil! some would say. Maybe not one visible to the eyes but there is one. Being afraid to speak what you think, to express as you would want to… Being afraid of the judgement, of the mocking laughs and looks. All of these and many others make us have a veil. … More Lifting the veil

Leaving a mark?

  Because they are fascinating. Because when you are immersed into them you forget of anything surrounding you. Because when you are captivated by them you are there, with all your soul and mind, experiencing freedom and bondage at the same time. Because they can take you up to the sky or to the darkest … More Leaving a mark?

Coloured souls

When the feelings are too deep, when the soul seems unreachable… There is joy living there, but what if weeds want to come? They want to invade the joy, they want to surpass it. I always said I won’t let them. My joy is deeper, wider and stronger. I just need the reminder. From a … More Coloured souls