I saw a dream one day…

I saw it and I said: This is my dream. I am going to fight for it, I am going to pursue it. Has the dream changed? Have I changed meanwhile?

I used to ask a lot of questions. I used to write. I still ask questions, mostly in my head or to God. Is that not the same thing? I still write when the inspiration strikes, when I am alone on a meadow or when I have the shapes of the clouds above me.

I took the dream with me on my journey, or has the journey made me follow my dream? Hard to say. I haven’t even said what was my dream. Well, I guess you’ll need to stick around. You’ll get to know me and then you see that I need time. I always need time. Time for relationships, time to express myself, time to work and to study, time to relax.

I might be a calculated person, but not always. I like to get with the flow of my excitement and do things that I feel right now. Good things. Good to remember or good to capture with a camera (if you have it with you).

Have I still not mentioned what the dream was? You’ll figure it out soon.


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