Coloured souls

When the feelings are too deep, when the soul seems unreachable…

There is joy living there, but what if weeds want to come? They want to invade the joy, they want to surpass it. I always said I won’t let them. My joy is deeper, wider and stronger. I just need the reminder. From a flower, from a song, from a memory, from the well known words.

What’s the power of a word? It can harm or cure, it can give one wings or demolish strong bridges. It can colour a soul or darken the mind. And still… words are being thrown away, said too easily or simply – unsaid.

I wish I could colour more – souls, people, ideas and thoughts. I wish more of a song, of a poem, of a life well lived, but this is a life well lived. A life where mistakes are named and regrets erased.


A coloured soul?   Full of thoughts – sometimes too many.

                             Full of emotions – sometimes too strong.


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