When thoughts are heavier than rocks…

rocks, grass, dreams

What one does when feelings start approaching like eagles? Can you set them free? What if they are not the right ones? What if they are too strong, too deep and too MUCH? Calm them down? Breath a while? But then something will be broken, something won’t be complete.

When feelings are strong, the power to create is strong as well. Every piece of art, every piece our mind calls art, every raindrop is born because of a feeling. Will the rainbow be double? Will the grass be green?

In every soul there is an open gate. A gate that leads to mysterious lands, a gate that keeps hidden untold treasures. Treasures of golden thoughts, treasure of diamond sunsets. Will they give birth to sapphire  melodies or to ones that grief?

Yes, thoughts will fly up, will cling to our souls and drag us with them. They will try to penetrate the walls, will try to erode the rocks. They will become like moss spreading all over the trees, will be a nest for the birds, for the animals in the forest.

Let the flowers come to life, let them find the right soil, let them become what is expected of them, the princesses of the North.


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