Searching for inspiration…

What do you do when you have too many ideas? What do you do when nothing seems to settle down?

Looking up, of course. But the sky seems grey and full of clouds. The wind starts to blow away all the good thoughts. Some other thoughts seem to settle down. They are not as friendly as they should be. They are not as full of passion as they would appear in your mind. I would happily get rid of them, but then… what will remain? Ashes from old memories? The dust from the fairy tale books? Or… maybe there might be some fairy dust?

When the mind seems to wander away, when the body seems captive, look up. Yes, the clouds are grey, the birds seem quiet, but… a raindrop might offer a solution. A smile for the tired cheek, an escape to the refreshing universe of ideas. There they are new, renewed by the strongest rain, by the purest water. Pollution is a fairy tale in that land. Music is not too loud nor dancing too daring.

This is the place I was looking for. My mind’s shelter.


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