The wind tells the story of a king and a castle

A story that might turn tears into smiles, a story that sees beyond the clouds.

How much strength does a bird have? She stays there, strong and elegant, honest and so fragile. The fragility is not a sign of weakness but a sign of something more beautiful. That’s the sign of a king willing to take the clothes of a pauper.

Will the wings be strong enough? The desire to stay strong, the aim of going higher and deeper in discovering the mystery. The mystery of a fragile heart, ready to die to save the little birds that haven’t learnt to fly yet. The mystery of a heart ready to be broken in order to feel something, the mystery of discovering the joy despite the circumstances.

Little daisies, fragile you. How have you planted you roots? Have you paid the price with tears? Have you paid the price with your dreams?


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