Ready, steady… Go – when the future awaits

shattered dreams


After more than one year, it’s time to come back, it’s time to think again of that “far away” future. But what if future is today? What if…?

Is it because New Year is approaching?  (Is already a bit or a bit more after New Year actually.) Is it because people usually make New Year’s resolutions around this time? Spring could be a good time. Everything coming to life, people feeling enthusiastic of hearing birds singing, kids laughing, Sun shining.

As each day builds the character, each minute contributes to the whole story… What happen when those minutes seem endless, when future is a term used for the dreamers? Once a dreamer, always a dreamer?

I wish Neverland would be real and Peter Pan would search for new recruiters in his team. I wish… They once told me to dream, to aim high, near the sunshine. Why would I settle for less now? Why should I grow up? Is it fear? Is it the reality that knocks harshly at the door saying children are not allowed?

Be brave! Look up! This could be done easily if the child from the soul wouldn’t be forgotten. They are not afraid to climb the high mountain, to jump in the sea and face the world. They are not afraid of people’s opinions, of disappointment and failure. They enjoy the day with the raindrops, with the sun rays, with snow or wind. There is a story behind every single thing happening and existing. Is it too late to start rediscovering it? Is it too late to face the giants of the world and let the child still exist?

Talking about the future it often leads to the past, to the hopes once had, to the events that happened. What if future is brand new? What if there is a special meal ready to be savoured? Ingredients must be provided though and they need space to be stored, time to be invested. What if the future comes through shattered dreams? I once prayed for shattered dreams; so I could taste the new beginning with a new mind, with a new perspective.


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