Lifting the veil


frIENDS UNder water

But there is no veil! some would say. Maybe not one visible to the eyes but there is one.

Being afraid to speak what you think, to express as you would want to… Being afraid of the judgement, of the mocking laughs and looks. All of these and many others make us have a veil.

But there is a charm in having a veil, in being mysterious… Is that the truth though? The truth will set you free. FREE. That feeling everyone longs to, everyone hopes to. Is it just a hope? Is it just a fairytale? Are we all bound to our jobs, studies, ordinary life? Freedom is there. No, freedom is here. You can touch it too or … more than that, you can embrace it.

Letting the sun in is not so bad after all.

Will it not blind me? I haven’t looked at reality without the veil in a while… Slowly, with a brave heart and soft movements or with strong will, let it fall. The Sun will surprise you or will reassure you of the truth. Sun rays that gently touch your cheek and tell you of the warmth that is there… on the other side of the veil.

But my veil is a pretty one. I worked so hard to decorate it, to tell people this is me. Not perfect, but someone very easy to like and be around. And still… with the price of truth?

Some say the truth is not always pretty. It might be told in a funny way so it won’t hurt so much, but the truth is the same. Is the door to the lost feelings, is the window to hope.

Is the feeling that lets you rest at night, telling you the world is real and you are a part of it. No veil attached.



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