Sound Design  student at  Edinburgh Napier University.

st andrews portrait

Art can be found everywhere, you just need to have the eyes to see it.

I love clouds and colours, the agitated sea, Victorian books and horses.

If you want to keep me busy, give me a pen and a Dickens’ book. Photography is another passion that makes its way through all assessments or occasions.

Coming to Edinburgh was a challenge and a blessing for me and I was happily impressed how soon I felt at home here. The architecture of the city, the beautifully designed  nature that can enchant every eye, the red sunsets and double rainbows, random smiles on the street and art all around made me love this city.

I am blessed to be surrounded with love from above and I try to look at every difficult thing that happens in life as a lesson for the future.

Scotland has given me the desire to explore it more and more so for the next few years I’m planning to see as much as I can of the wildlife, castles and sea shores.

Recently I have discovered the calling to study Sound so let’s see where the next years will take me!



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