The story behind the picture, the thought behind the lens

 Dear Time…

 Where have you been? Where were you hiding?

I am grateful for the time being, for being able to enjoy this time, for being able to exist in time… Yes, I need to admit, sometimes I wish time will pass quicker or that it will stop and keep me with it, for a bit or for more. But if we were created in time that means we should enjoy it. Enjoying every season of life, every breath of the wind, every step on a busy street.

Recently I discovered that I love clocks. Handmade ones, or at least those that give that impression. I find myself in antique shops looking at those chained watches, admiring the golden design and thinking how people used to wear them in the past. Or… have I been stuck in “Hugo”? It has been a while since I’ve seen it and I am still impressed. Is it time that makes my mind wander… Sometimes in the past, sometimes far away in the future. I do live in the present. There are too many things happening NOW to leave them for the regrets of the past or the dreams of the future. I just know that all of these make the present, they give flavor to this what we call TIME.

Walking down the streets of Edinburgh I couldn’t but stop and admire the clock (or maybe the sky?). This is another hint for keeping your eyes up. There are so many things hidden up there. Like a duck on top of a high building, but I will come to that sometime in the future (hopefully).

You’ve ran away. Again. But I will come to you once more. Today it seems is over.


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